5% Off Body Products in April - Get the Body Summer-Ready

5% Off Body Products for Cellulite, Detox and Fluid Retention

Spring is here and that means it's time to get the body ready for shorts and bathing suit season. This month we're highlighting all our products that help to re-invigorate the body, improve the look of cellulite and fluid retention, and promote a smooth, sleek figure.  

Use this promotion to stock up on your body-focused protocols and get ready for those body treatments that will have your clients feeling confident in their own skin.

Choose From:

Active Silhouette Lotion – Active seaweed lotion to stimulate the body and promote a smoother, toned appearance. Use before cellulite treatments to enhance the results.

Merecul MultiLotion – Cooling and invigorating product that works to relieve the discomfort of fluid retention and improve the look of swelling and puffiness. A great compliment to lymphatic drainage massage.

Fluid Reduction Bath & Body Oil – Prep skin before a lymphatic drainage massage, use in a hydro tub or highlight in retail areas as a natural product to use for daily maintenance of fluid retention and selling.  

Renew Bath & Body Oil and Renew Bath Salts – Use in conjunction with any detox program to promote a lighter, cleansed feeling. 

Nourishing Body Cream – Seaweed-rich body cream is super nourishing for the skin, relieving dryness, rough textures and effective at promoting a toned look to the skin and body, and preventing the look of stretch marks. 

Dry Brush –  Use to stimulate and exfoliate the body before a salt scrub or wrap. Great for profession and retail use. 

During the month of April get 5% off retail and professional sizes of these products. Just use discount code SPRING5 when you check out or call us at 1.800.880.6457.

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