As the idea of self-care and wellness continues to expand, your business does as well. You likely have an array full of talented trainers/teachers, extensive class participation, a full schedule, and the perfect space to practice in. What you may be missing is a retail program to take the client experience to the next level.

Source Vitál is an ideal partner, because like you, practicing wellness is core to our DNA. We offer safe and effective natural products to enhance the state of the body and mind.

By offering retail in your studio, or incorporating amenities in your locker rooms, you can boost your revenue by offering products tailored to your clientele.


Help Your Clients Recover

We offer a variety of natural products to assist in the recovery process after a strenuous class or workout. Sports balms, body oils, and natural deodorants will help relieve tired muscles without any of the synthetics.

Provide Convenience

Time is precious nowadays, so why not include products in your offering that will save your students a trip? After all, you know your clients best. Retailing products such as bath & body care, hand sanitizer, or products that compliment workout equipment, like yoga mat sprays, will not only save time, but build rapport with your clientele.

Enhance the Pre-and Post-Workout Experience

Retailing items in the front-of-house is one thing, but you should also consider outfitting amenities in your locker rooms. Providing the special touches of offering hand wash, sanitizer, body wash, and lotion not only enhance the client experience but entire your students to purchase so they can bring the experience home.

Chakra/Energy Work

For Yoga, Pilates, or Well-being coaches, we offer a range of personal care products that include our expertly blended chakra oils and other aromatherapies. They inspire mindfulness, balance, calm, and deep breathing.

Build Community

We understand that you are a small business, and we are too. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we support each other, and the communities we cultivate. By offering clients products they can try on and encourage conversation, your students may linger longer after class, and enter new conversations with others.