Effective, Results-Oriented, Clean Skin and Body Care Products "Born" and Tested in a Spa

For Day Spas, Estheticians, and Massage Therapists

You’re looking to provide an amazing “WOW” experience for your customers, right? We all know there are a million options out there competing for their facial, massage, hydrotherapy, and relaxation services.

Let us help you stand out and gain an advantage over your neighbors (competitors) down the street. Source Vitál offers the products and experience to help your business gain that differentiating factor customers are looking for.


Complete Line of Natural Skin and Body Care Products

Natural and Effective enhanced with Aromatherapy.

That’s why Source Vitál was created. These 2 words are why we exist today. It’s why our founders, Jerry and Brea Pope started the business in 1989.

They started the first day spa in the United States in Houston, Texas in 1984. One issue they kept running into was not being able to find a safe, toxin-free product line that also worked. So, they set out to create one themselves - and Source Vitál was "born".

As a small family-owned business for nearly 30 years we have worked to develop a safe and natural product line that produces results customers can see and feel. Built specifically for the needs of spa, beauty and personal care professionals, Source Vitál offers the flexible options your business needs to create the full-service menu your customers want!

Our specially-designed protocols embrace almost all varieties of spa and lifestyle services that inspire and contribute to holistic health.

Here’s a look at what Source Vitál Professional offers:

  • Professional-Grade Facial Skin Care – For the estheticians and day spas offering facial services, we have a trusted line of skin care products that include cleansers, masks, moisturizers, face oils, serums and eye care that target unique conditions for all skin types.
    Source Vital natural product line for spas, estheticians, and massage therapists
    • Body Care Products for Professional & Retail – If you’re a massage therapist and/or day spa offering massage, hydrotherapy and bath services, our body washes, massage oils, moisturizers, body scrubs, bath products (dead sea salts, bath powders and soaks), body oils and specialty body products are perfect. Great textures, easy-to-use, and available in a variety of natural aromatherapy scents as well as unscented products.
    • 100% Pure & Natural Aromatherapy – Our 100% pure essential oils and blends are the best on the market today. We offer over 100 single essential oils and 13 exclusive essential oil blends formulated to encourage a healthy mind, body and spirit.
    • Hand, Foot & Nail Products – Nail technicians and salons will benefit from our protocol of products dedicated to hand, foot and nail care. Infused with healthy, therapeutic essential oils such as Lemongrass and Tea Tree, these products protect from the look and feel of fungal irritations while they hydrate and soften the most overworked parts of the body.
    • Chakra/Energy Work – Perfect for Yoga and Pilates instructors and studios and healing and well-being coaches, our range of personal care products that include chakra oils, aromatherapy blends, and wellness products are made with specific essential oils blended to inspire mindful breathing, deep thinking, balance and set a calming, meditative mood.
    • Natural Products Designed for Active Lifestyles – Personal trainers, fitness gyms, and cycle studios will love our products designed for those who get physical. Sports balms, body sprays, body oils, natural deodorants and “gym kits” are a perfect for your clients. Say goodbye to synthetic OTC pain relief and scents. Also, great for those working with clients looking for relief from the discomfort from arthritis and other achy body and joint ailments.

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    Natural ingredients for spa services

    Our natural solutions for skin, body and mind are formulated using naturally derived and organically farmed mineral-rich seaweeds, whole plant botanicals, and 100% pure essential oils.

    Each ingredient has been hand-picked to accomplish a specific benefit and ensure the highest quality. We are globally sourced and handmake in-house in small batches our products in Texas. 

    Today, Source Vitál Apothecary products boast an active ingredient percentage between 35% and 91%. Compare that to your typical product line that contains 5-10% active ingredients. It’s taken decades of research, development, trialing and testing to arrive at the intelligent formulas that make up our complete line of natural products. Who we are today all started with the vision to be both natural and effective. Long story short… our products work.

    You will never find any synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors, harsh chemicals, parabens, phthalates, pharmaceuticals or other toxins in our formulations.

    Educated and Reliable Customer Care

    Yes, our products are reason enough to welcome Source Vitál products, but our customer service is also top-notch.

    Here’s a look at some of the benefits we offer to our loyal customers:

    • Results-oriented, safe and natural product line
    • Transparency on all ingredient listings
    • Knowledgeable, experienced staff available to offer recommendations and answer questions
    • Low minimums on professional orders to better meet your individual business needs
    • Product knowledge manuals and classes – available by request or as needed
    • Well documented treatment protocols for face and body that includes step-by-step procedures, financial recommendations, and time and product requirements
    • Competitive pricing on all professional and retail products
    • Easy online-purchasing – save your info and past orders for a more efficient checkout
    • Quick shipping with tracking information and local pick-up options available
    • Easy-to-use "Dropship program" that allows your clientele base to get full access to our catalog of products and allows you to get credit for the sale. Great for those with a small space!
    • Seasonal product promotions and discounts to save you money
    • Don’t have a service menu? We can help you create a customized service plan!
    • Flexibility! There is no one-size-fits-all plans here, we have the ability and accessibility to create a plan that works for your business

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