It’s understood that it is cheaper and easier to retain an old client than it is to attract new clients. But growing your business means you need to consistently bring in new clients, while caring for your loyal, longtime fans.

Consider these tactics to help you welcome new faces into your spa or place of business.


Truth be told, if you don’t have a presence on social media, you don’t really exist in today’s market. You and your spa are a brand that people want to be familiar with, and social media is helping to keep your connection with you client going on beyond the spa.

People enjoy making a more personal connection. Here are some tips, tricks, and things to stay away from.

DO this:

Ask your clients if you can take a photo to share on social media, especially when there may be an impressive before and after. Some clients will be more comfortable with this than others. You will want to always protect their privacy, but it doesn’t hurt to ask – especially with the client whom you already have a great rapport.

This is perfect to do with people with who have really big transformations, or you know are very into social media.

Another idea is to ask them to share their own photos while they are enjoying the mediation room or dressed in their robe ready to get an amazing service. Establish a few guidelines that help the images to fit your brand and the philosophy of your spa.

  • Always get permission to tag the client and be sure to also tag the spa.
  • Use a few hashtags that are unique to your spa and mix in a few others that are popular for your location and expertise.
  • Use photos that are clear, bright and pleasing to the eye.
  • Ask permission to repost any photos or content your clients post – that makes for free and authentic promotion!

DON’T do this:

Social media is great, but it can create a lot of problems if it isn’t managed correctly. Consider these tips for things you should avoid doing on social media.

  • IF you have both personal and business contacts on the same social media platform, you have to censor yourself to a certain extent. Don’t be fake, but don’t be offensive. Be mindful about sensitive subject matter that could turn away clients or potential clients.
  • DO NOT Post photos of clients without their permission.
  • DO NOT Post content about the spa that has not been approved.
  • DO NOT: Put down, criticize, demean or diminish clients or any company, service, product, technician, spa, technique, etc.

You don’t have to make someone else look bad to make yourself look good. If there is a cause or matter you want to address but know it may be divisive, be prepared for the blow back and make sure that your spa and associates are comfortable with speaking out.


Build your own personal brand. These days it isn’t just about the spa itself, but the expertise and respect of their associates. You want people to call the spa and ask specifically for you.

So how do you build your own brand so that people want to come to see you?

  • Create a mission statement for yourself. Include what makes you special and determine a few ideals that you strive to incorporate into your service.
  • Create a business plan for yourself with measurable goals. Like the motivational quote says, “Goals are dreams with deadlines.”
  • Create an active social media presence that reflects your mission and goals
  • Invest in yourself! The best self-promotion is knowing what you are doing and knowing the best way to do it. Educate yourself and use your education to speak properly to what you are doing and where you want to go.


A great customer review can go a long way in establishing your credibility. People want to know what others say about you and hear about their experiences. It makes it easier for them to pull the trigger and book an appointment and trust your recommendations.

Don’t be afraid to ask customers to write a review about you and their experience. If you create the call to action, they will come. People appreciate people who have done good for them and are happy to help return the favor. Maximize reviews on various platforms to get a broad reach,

How to get customer reviews:

  • Ask clients after their service if they would write a review. Have comment cards on hand at the spa or a business card with instructions on how they can submit a review.
  • Send them a thank you post card (or email) after your service telling them that you really enjoyed meeting them, hope they feel better, look better, or enjoyed their treatment, etc. Ask them to review you on Yelp, Facebook, Google, whatever platforms get you the most notice.