When people see and feel the value of something it becomes a need, and a need is a want. By using the methods above like providing custom consultations, building trust and educating your client, you and your services become a priority.

Rebooking is key to growing that client relationship. Inviting them to rebook makes them feel like you also value them as a customer, and they will assign a further value to scheduling time at your spa.

So how do you approach the subject of rebooking?

1. Always include this as a part of your closing consultation. It makes it feel more urgent. Consider some of the tools in your toolbox – some of these will be familiar.

  • Schedule a series of services that provides them some savings, such as buy 5 treatments, get the 6th treatment for free.
  • Explain membership perks. For example, $79 monthly membership fee includes your choice of a 50-minute massage or facial, 10% off all retail purchases, and a free product of the month.
  • Birthday love. Offer your clients 15% off by booking a service during their birthday month. Plus, it is a good way to reach out and keep a steady flow of communication with the customer.
  • Welcome in first-time clients with an exclusive promotion, such as 15% off a service by checking in on Yelp.

2. Communicate with your clients – Call them! Contact them! Give them gentle reminders that you are there for them. Here are a few tactics you can try via email, phone or even snail mail:

  • We miss you! I noticed we haven’t seen you in a while … try offering a discount code, a free service enhancement or retail product for rebooking.
  • Reach out to your client a few days after their appointment and remind them to book their next visit (if they haven’t already). “Thank you for coming in for your “X service” I really hope you enjoyed yourself. I noticed you didn’t rebook your next appointment when you checked out the other day. I would like to extend to you a 5% off offer on your next visit if you call and book your next appointment and mention this (post card/email/promo code/etc.).”
  • Everyone loves getting mail that isn’t a bill or junk. Send a personalized thank you note after the service. It is a special touch that further makes them feel like a valuable part of your spa community.
  • Get creative! There are lots of other ways you can let your clients know they are important. For example, for a longtime client you haven’t seen in a while send them a house plant to let them know you’re thinking about them.

3. Offering Incentives for rebooking can be highly effective in helping you client come back to your spa. Incentives, especially those with expiration dates, create that sense of urgency that you client needs to act right away or lose out on a great deal or getting booked with their favorite technician.

Not all incentives need to be a reduction in the cost of services, get creative. Here are a few ideas to help get clients to make those appointments.

  • “Get 5% off you next service if you book by (insert a date for the promotion to expire).” Usually it’s good to give them 3 days up until a week before the incentive expires.
  • Offer your client first dibs to the time and technician of their choice. Letting them know space is limited is a great way to motivate them to book right away. This is especially true for popular technicians that fill up quickly.
  • Invite your client to try a new service, maybe it was something you discussed during the consultation or something they asked about. Offering them something new gets them curious and excited to explore more of your options.