The Source Vitál Dropship Program is a great way to add retail sales to your bottom-line. If you have an approved professional account with us, it's simple to get started.

Whether you stock Source Vitál products from your location or not, we can still ship products to your customers directly from our facility in Houston. This gives your customers access to all our full catalog of products through And, the program allows you to sell our full catalog of products, including professional and travel sizes, without handling and investing in more inventory than you can in your location - all the while still earning revenue when your customers buy.


  • Fill out the short form below to apply to the program.
  • If approved, we'll let you know what your earnings percentage will be when you send orders through our web site.
  • We'll get you set up with your own web link (URL) that includes a special tracking extension so all your sales will be tracked back to your business. This web link will be an easy to remember "vanity" link that you request below. 
  • You give out your unique web link to your customer's (see ideas below) and your customers order directly from us.
  • Once your earnings pass $50 in total, WE WILL PAY YOU. We offer a few ways to get paid, including by Paypal, by check, and by account credit (to use on YOUR next purchase). You can expect payment or credit within 14 days of the start of the following month.



  • Send email newsletters to your customers and clients featuring specific products and link to our site using your unique web link.
  • Put your link in your "appointment reminder" and "thank you" emails.
  • Put your unique web link on a business card and let customers take it home to order later
  • Have your sales reps or guest services reps take orders at your location(s) and place the order for the customer while they're in your spa or store. This is a great way to upsell customers into larger sizes or add on travel sizes.
  • Put a banner or link on your web site.
  • Add your link to your brochures.
  • Create a "shelf talker" to your shelves with your link. This is particularly effective upselling professional sizes and getting customers to try new products with travel/smaller sizes.


Generally, our Dropship Program is reserved for our approved professional customers, however, we will occasionally work with partners who are unable to handle inventory. Even if you do not currently have an approved account, you are welcome to submit your application. Once your application is submitted, we will let you know whether you're approved for the program or not. We reserve the right to approve or decline applicants as we see fit in accordance with our business goals and policies.