The key to upselling is this: FIND THE NEED!!

When people perceive a value, they are immediately more apt to buy in. And there is a lot of value in filling our needs and wants. When a client knows they can come to you to fulfill these needs, that’s when you make a lifelong customer.

But it goes back to honesty and that personalized consultation. Not just upselling to upsell but listening to their needs and using your skills and expertise to offer them solutions they can see and feel. Plus, sometimes they want to indulge, so give them a reason to treat themselves or a loved one.

What to upsell:

  • Services/Treatments
  • Convenience
  • Series of Services
  • Memberships
  • Products
  • Gifts/gift certificates


Be honest with your client and let them know what services you offer to fully address their needs and wants.

Educating them about the services that are right for them is the first step, the second is being up front about what they need to be doing to keep seeing results. If they need monthly facials, get them on the book for their next facial before they leave.

This creates a sense of urgency that helps them make a plan to come back to the spa while putting a priority on their own self-care.


While they are there, how can they make the most of their time? Service Enhancements are a great upsell because it isn’t asking the client to spend a lot more time or money.

What other conveniences can you offer to help them save time and energy? Maybe it is a product sale, a subscription, or another treatment.

Series of Services

Always remind your client about the cumulative benefits of the treatments you offer. Usually there are some built in savings for booking a series of treatments versus doing so individually that can also be an extra incentive for your client.
Getting your client in on a consistent basis further helps you develop a close relationship with them and offer them personalized solutions they will see and feel.


Recurring income through memberships is a great way to add to your bottom line and build lasting relationships with your clients. It makes them feel like they are a part of an exclusive community and keeps them coming back for more.
Take the time to invite them to become a member, outline all the benefits and give them all the information they need to join.

Product Sales

IF YOU DON’T RECOMMEND PRODUCTS, YOUR WORK IS IN VEIN! They may go home, back to their old products and habits and not be able to fully appreciate the amazing results you are offering to them. Think of your product recommendations as a part of your personalized consultation.

Try this technique for products sales – collect all the products you think your client should incorporate into their daily routine. Choose three products, at a minimum but don’t give them so many options they get confused. Make sure you're not too pushy. If they say "no", that's okay. Don't oversell.

Proven fact: 72 hours after ANY beauty service, the client will make 1-2 purchases to either enhance what they just did, or just make themselves feel better. TAKE THAT SALE!