Self-Care seems to be the buzzword as of late, as we are all seeking a moment of relief in a chaotic world to treat ourselves. That’s where your salon comes in. You provide your clients a relatively quick way to make your clients look and feel their best.

Like you, Source Vitál loves making our customers look good and feel even better. We believe that tailoring a robust retail and backbar program will improve your client’s overall experience in your salon- and at home.


Safety First

We pride ourselves on offering a collection of products dedicated to cleanliness and sanitization-of surfaces, products, and hands. We realize this is a top concern of clients and offering these products will help put you and your client’s mind at ease.

Enhance Your Environment

Crafting an oasis where your clients can escape to can be done with the power of scent. We offer a vast range of essential oils, blends, and even the option to create a bespoke scent for your brand. By diffusing these scents in your waiting area, reception, and salon spaces, you can create a truly tranquil environment.

Natural and Effective Products

Nail technicians and salons will benefit from our protocol of products dedicated to hand, foot and nail care. Infused with healthy, therapeutic essential oils such as Lemongrass and Tea Tree, these products protect from the look and feel of fungal irritations while they hydrate and soften the most overworked parts of the body.

Consider Your Male Clientele

When you partner with Source Vitál, you get access to our entire product assortment, including one of our latest innovations, Sir Vitál. The men’s grooming category has grown significantly, so now is the time to capitalize. Our Sir Vitál line encompasses facial care, deodorants, and beard care-including a customizable beard oil bar.