Chakra Essential Oil Blends for Professionals

In today’s modern world it seems that everyone is looking for, or in need of more balance. 

Busy schedules, lack of access to good and affordable health care, fast food diets and never-ending stress are all challenges that many of your clients may be looking to you for solutions. 

One way you can offer a rest to your clients is by incorporating chakra energy work into your service menu. Chakras are the seven energy centers located within the body. Each chakra corresponds to a different part of the body, is associated with a specific color and bodily function.

When we are feeling off, it is believed that balancing the chakras and removing any energy blocks building up within the body can help to restore a sense of holistic wellness.

We’ve developed a line of expertly blended chakra oils and a special “good vibes” carrier oil that will allow you to share the benefits of energy work with your clientele. Use in massage, create a focused treatment all about balancing the chakras, or use as an add-on to any service. 

Meet our New Chakra Essential Oil Blends

To make the experience of incorporating the chakra oils into professional services, we recently revamped our proprietary Chakra Oil Blends. 

Before the chakra oils were blends of pure essential oils mixed with nourishing botanical carrier oils. Now, the blends are made entirely of pure essential oils, which gives them more versatility for how they are used in professional services and at home. 

The pure essential oil blends allow for the use in aromatherapy diffusers (both vaporizers and water-based diffusers) to scent any environment, or to be mixed with a carrier oil, massage cream or lotion and applied topically to the skin.

We’ve also created the “Good Vibes” Chakra Carrier Oil designed specifically to pair with any of the new Chakra Essential Oil Blends. The “Good Vibes” Chakra Carrier Oils is made with several nourishing botanical carrier oils, selected for their high vibrations and good energy. 

It allows for easy mixing with any of the seven Chakra Essential Oil Blends, hydrates the skin and provides plenty of glide for massage and topical application. 

We think you and your clients with love the light, aromatic scents of our new Chakra Essential Oil Blends. Read below to get more information about the seven chakras and for ways to use these incredible blends.

Chakra 1 (Base/Root) Essential Oil Blend

Positioned at the base of the spine, Chakra 1 is associated with the color red. It is linked with our vertebrae, bladder, and colon, and governs feelings of security and basic survival needs.

When this chakra is in balance we feel safe and at home, when out of balance we can feel insecure and ungrounded. It is said that is no other chakra can be in balance if the base is out of whack.

The Chakra 1 Essential Oil Blend features Patchouli to ground and bring clarity to the mind, Black Pepper to spark energy and quell nervousness, and Myrrh to lend an overall sense of calm.

Chakra 2 (Sacral) Essential Oil Blend

chakra 2 essential oil blend by source vital

Positioned between the pubic bone and navel, the Sacral Chakra is associated with orange, and is linked with our sex and reproductive organs, and lower abdomen. It governs feelings of sensuality and creativity and relates to our emotions and relationships.

When in balance one can take pleasure in life, feel creative and abundant and enjoy a healthy sexual appetite. When out of balance one can feel stuck or become inclined to overindulgence.

The Chakra 2 Essential Oil blend features Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Blood Orange and Clary Sage to ground and calm, decrease feelings of anxiety, improve happiness and unlock the desire for life.

Chakra 3 (Solar Plexus) Essential Oil Blend

chakra 3 essential oil blend by Source Vitál

Positioned between the belly button and breastbone, the third chakra is associated with the color yellow and is linked with digestion, liver, gall bladder, and pancreas. It also governs feelings of self-esteem, identity, and will. 

We feel confident and powerful when the solar plexus is aligned and when out of balance we can become selfish, manipulative and lack ambition.

The Chakra 3 Essential Oil blend is made with Lemon, Rosemary and Spanish Sage to restore focus, promote a zest for life, and Juniper to provide a sense of spiritual cleansing.

Chakra 4 (Heart) Essential Oil Blend

chakra 4 essential oil blend by Source Vitál

Not surprisingly the Heart Chakra is positioned at the center of chest and is associated with the color green. It is linked with lungs, heart, arms, hands, and the circulatory system. It governs feelings of love, joy, compassion, and inner peace. 

When in balance we feel peaceful, compassionate the able to deal with sadness. When the fourth chakra is out of balance we can feel defensive and hold on to grudges.

The Chakra 4 Essential Oil Blend features Lavender, Rose Absolute and Melissa oils to quell feelings of anxiety, and encourage the expression of love of other as well as self-love.

Chakra 5 (Throat) Essential Oil Blend

chakra 5 essential oil blend by Source Vitál

Positioned at the throat and is associated with the color blue, the fifth chakra is believed to be the connection between our physical bodily needs with our spiritual, higher-functioning selves. It is linked with the throat, thyroid, neck, jaw, and mouth. It governs feelings of self-expression, communication, and personal truth, and influences our ability to hear and understand.

We feel expressive and creative when the throat chakra is in balance, and may feel out of control and unable to listen to others when the throat chakra is blocked.

The Chakra 5 Essential Oil Blend features a lovely blend of Lavender, Sage Spanish, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Jasmine Absolute to open the flow of energies throughout the body, energize the mind and body, and promote clear communication.

Chakra 6 (Third Eye) Essential Oil Blend

chakra 6 essential oil blend by Source Vitál

Chakra 6 is positioned at the center of the brow and is associated with the color indigo. It is linked with the eyes and brain. It governs feelings of intuition, common sense, wisdom, memory, and dreams.

When the third eye is in balance we feel decisive and imaginative, when out of alignment we can lack clarity and vision.

The Chakra 6 Essential Oil Blend features Rosemary to promote mental clarity, Marjoram to limit negative thinking, Elemi to calm and center, Angelica Root to fortify the spirit, and Sandalwood to open the mind and promote greater awareness.

Chakra 7 (Crown) Essential Oil Blend

chakra 7 essential oil blend by Source Vitál

Imagine a crown perched just above the top of the head, the seventh chakra is believed to be our connection the spiritual real and is associated with the color purple. The Crown Chakra is linked to the pituitary gland, pineal gland, and hypothalamus. It governs feelings of consciousness, awareness of a higher power, ecstasy, and presence.

When in balance we are at peace, when off we can become obsessive, close minded and feel discounted from our spirit.

The Chakra 7 Essential Oil Blend is a combination of Lime to enhance alertness and help us discern the truth., Frankincense to deepen spiritual understanding, Basil Holy to renew the zest for life, Angelica Root to fend off negative energy, and Neroli to re-establish the mind-body-spirit connection.

How to Use Chakra Essential Oil Blends

These pure essential oil blends can be used in several different ways:

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Use 10-15 drops of your desired Chakra Oil Blend in a water-based diffuser to scent your space.

Make your own DIY Room Spray

Combine 10-15 drops of your desired Chakra Oil Blend with ¼ cup witch hazel and shake to combine. 

Use before meditation, yoga, or anytime you need to fill your environment with good energy. 

For Topical Use

For use on the skin, dilute 1-2 drops of your desired Chakra Oil with 7-10 drops of a carrier oil of your choice, such as our new “Good Vibes” Chakra Carrier Oil.

Apply directly to the corresponding pulse points or use in massage. 

Chakra Essential Oil Blends can be purchased separately, in our Chakra Oil Kit, and with or without our Chakra carrier oil.

For good vibes on the-go for your or your clients, consider our Chakra Essential Oil Roll-Ons.

These rollerballs feature our exclusive chakra blends, already incased in carrier, for safety and for precise application. The perfect retail pairing for an energy healing service, or to use as a lovely natural fragrance or quick pick-me-up. 

Interested in reading more about chakras? Click here to read our blog on Understanding and Balancing Your 7 Chakras. 

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