How To Turn Your Beauty Routine in to A Beauty Ritual

Self-care has emerged as a buzzword over the past few years, and has given many of us a bit of solace in the craziness of day-to-day life. Sometimes though, the craziness of life can make your beauty routine seem monotonous, and something you are required to do, rather than a moment of joy and peace.
We know that committing to a daily beauty routine can help keep your body, skin, hair, and face clean. But enhancing that routine, and taking it to the next level will allow you the opportunity to provide for, love, and accept your body in all of its beauty. 

What’s the Difference Between a Routine and Ritual?

A routine is an act of being organized, and performing a repetitive task. A ritual takes the act of performing a routine to the next level, by adding and intention and meaning to the act. Turning a routine in to a ritual takes a conscious effort, a commitment, and a desire to be open and willing to uplift a potentially mundane, ordinary, act. 
Applying skin and body care can lend itself to such calming self-care rituals. While washing our face or applying a facial moisturizer may seem like a simple task, but it does require focus, being in the moment, and touching your skin. You are literally getting in touch with yourself and increasing mindfulness during a moment of intentional self-care. Additionally, these rituals don’t necessarily need to be lengthy, and can only take a few minutes to make a big impact. 

Practice Mindfulness (and a Mantra)

The practice of mindfulness can help you to focus on whatever task you are performing, whether you are applying your skincare, attempting to fall asleep, or even reducing stress and anxiety. A simple way to practice mindfulness is to pay attention to the five senses. Focus on what you are touching, what you are smelling, seeing, hearing, and if applicable, tasting.
Additionally, to add even more benefits to your ritual, you can practice a meditation, and set an intention by repeating a mantra to yourself. One of Product Sales Enthusiasts, Evelyn’s favorite mantras currently is:
Out of the darkness (While breathing in)
And into the light (While breathing out)
For all is good (While breathing in)
And all is bright (While breathing out)

Rituals to Start Your Day

-Reach for a citrusy or uplifting scent to add energy to your day. We love diffusing our Citrus Essential Oil Blend to get our day going. Morning Shower person? Our Invigorating Body Wash is like a morning cup of coffee. 
-Stretch. Getting your body moving early in the morning can ease aches in your joints and muscles. 
-Hydrate. While many of us reach for our morning cup of Joe, drinking water can help improve bodily functions, the appearance of skin, and reduce dehydration.
-Enhance Your Skin’s Glow. Start by washing your face, and removing any excess dirt and oil that may have appeared overnight. Our Algae Deep Cleanse will leave you feeling energized, and your skin refreshed. Follow with any toners or serums, then reach for our Mergel Multipurpose Facial Lotion, to calm, plump, and add radiance to your skin. Don’t forget our Cucumber Rose Eye Cream to refresh tired eyes. 

Rituals to End Your Day

-Remove Your Makeup, and the Day.  One of the best steps you can take is cleansing your face after a long day. Our Micellar Cleansing Water gently dissolves makeup and dirt. Follow up with our Lavender Facial Cleanser for an extra-relaxing treat. 
-Relax With a Mask. Typically, we have a bit more time for self-care in the evenings. Pour yourself a cup of chamomile tea, pick your feet up, and let the mask do the work. Our Chlorella Hydra Mask is a gentle treat that adds major hydration and softness, and won’t leave skin irritated or dry once removed. 
-Repair, Repair, Repair. The skin takes time to repair itself while we sleep, and because of this, it’s important to apply skincare products that will enhance the reparative process, and are typically more potent. Our choice: SV23 Phyto Serum. This powerhouse product will deeply nourish the skin while you sleep. 
-Journal. Ease anxiety and worry by creating a “Brain Dump.” Writing your worries or thoughts that are floating around on your head and getting them on paper can help you relax before bed. Additionally, you can journal about things you are grateful for that day. Bonus points: Spritz our Tranquil Multispray on your bed linens prior to bedtime for even better sleep. 
What are your favorite Beauty Care Rituals? Let us know in the comments!