Reformulation Alert: New Toning Essences Replacing Aromatic Emulsions

Meet Our New Natural, Bi-Phase Facial Toners

Most facials and at-home skin care routines include a toning step after cleansing the skin. In the last few years, facial essences, made popular by the emergence of Korean beauty rituals, have also found their way into skin care routines.

Toners sometimes get a bad rap for being unnecessary, but the truth is, toners can be an essential element of skin care – especially when they are formulated with the right ingredients!

First, toners may help to remove any residue left over from cleansing and swipe away any remaining dirt and grime left over from the day.

Secondly, cleansing can be disruptive to the skin. Harsh cleansers and surfactants – that you won’t find in any Source Vitál cleansers – as well as water quality can temporarily alter the skin’s delicate pH balance. Toners help to calm and promote a sense of balance to the skin after cleansing, restoring the skin’s pH balance – a must for healthy skin.

Lastly, by cleansing and calming the skin, toners prep the skin for next steps in your skincare routine.

Please note, the toners we are talking about here are not the stinging, harsh astringents of years past. Today’s toners are gentle formulas that leave skin feeling more fresh and dewy, than dry and tight.

Facial essences may seem similar to toners, but they provide different benefits. Essences are designed to soothe and hydrate the skin, provide a smoother appearance, and typically are made with a higher percentage of active ingredients.

The purpose of an essence is to feed the skin vital nutrients and feel luxurious on the skin. Essences are also formulated to go a step beyond toners in prepping the skin. Those expensive serums, moisturizers and night creams – a good essence can actually promote deeper penetration and absorption of all those good ingredients.

What's A Toning Essence?

toner in a hand

Simply, a Toning Essence merges the best of toners and facial essences, combining two steps into one product.

At Source Vital, we are constantly seeking out new advancements to upgrade our products, using more sustainable formulations, adding in better, cleaner ingredients, and rethinking our skin care routines to make them easier to integrate into professional services as well as your clients daily lives.

Though we have more than three decades of experience creating skin care, bath and body, and wellness protocols, it is important for us to continue to innovate how we deliver great experiences for our customers.

Our latest reformulation gives a facelift to our previous collection of toners, called Aromatic Emulsions.

With over a year of research, including internal testing, professional trials from some top-notch estheticians, and feedback from longtime customers, we are proud to introduce our new Toning Essences.

These bi-phase Toning Essences will replace our existing Aromatic Emulsion formulas, giving you (and your skin) the benefits of more natural ingredients, without sacrificing results.

Differences Between Aromatic Emulsions and Toning Essences

  • Cleaner, more sustainable formulation
  • Packed with more botanical extracts and skin-loving ingredients (vegan-based Hyaluronic Acid and probiotics)
  • Bi-phase formula is not emulsified – shake vigorously before using to thoroughly combine
  • Added benefits combines two skin care products into one step
  • Two new scents: Blue Tansy and Rose
  • Upgraded packaging features recyclable glass bottles, finer misters and an easy to use dropper

Which Toning Essence do I choose?

Toning Essence collection of facial toners by Source Vital Apothecary

Similar to the previous Aromatic Emulsions, the new Toning Essences come in three different formulas, each designed with a particular skin type in mind.

Pure Toning Essence: (Formally Aromatic Emulsion Pure)
For congested, oily, and acne-prone skin types. This is our concentrated professional-grade formula that is used with steam to soften impacted material in pores an prep the skin before extractions. 

Rose Toning Essence: (Formally Aromatic Emulsion Dry/Sensitive)
For dry, mature, or dehydrated skin.

Blue Tansy Toning Essence: (Formally Aromatic Emulsion Balance)
For all skin types, specifically sensitive and non-problematic skin.

How Do I Use A Toning Essence?

Simply, use it the same way as you would typically use a toner.

The Blue Tansy and Rose Toning Essences were created to be used as facial mists (though they may also be applied with a sponge or cotton round) - offering the convenience of a sprayer, allowing you to spritz directly on the skin, and massage in if desired.

Use Toning Essences after cleansing to calm and promote a feeling of balance for the skin. Your clients will love to also use it to mist their skin throughout the day for a refreshing pick-me-up for the mind and body.

These new formulations are not fully emulsified. You will notice how the layers separate in the bottle. By creating a bi-phase product, it allows for a more sustainable formula and less processing. 

Before using Pure, Blue Tansy or Rose Toning Essence, SHAKE vigorously for several seconds to fully combine both phases. When the color intensifies and takes on a milky tone you are good to go!

Tip: for Pure Toning Essence (in the retail packaging), first pinch the top of the dropper and keep squeezing while you shake.

Why Use A Toning Essence?

misting skin with a facial toner

1. Help Take the Day Off

Using a Toning Essence after cleansing will help to remove residue leftover from the cleansing process, along with other pollutants and impurities you may have come in to contact with during the day.

Cocoa Extract, an antioxidant, protects against environmental damage, supports the allows skin’s ability to repair itself and improves the look of existing skin damage.

2. Restore Skin’s pH

Skin is a delicate organ, and it performs at it’s best when it’s pH is regulated. When skin falls below or above the ideal 5.5 pH, it can trigger inflammation, such as acne, or rosacea.

Apple Cider Vinegar helps to keep skin in an ideal balance, leading to healthy skin.

3. Set Makeup

Toning Essences can multitask – they make a great makeup setting spray. Not only will it help your makeup last longer, but it will also provide a glowing, more natural-looking finish to the skin.

4. Help Other Skincare Products Work More Efficiently

Applying a Toning Essence prior to other skincare products in your routine, such as serums and moisturizers, boosts the efficacy of those products, thanks to the active ingredients found in the Toning Essence.

Think of it as the primer for your skincare products!

5. Smooth Skin’s Appearance

Toning Essences are very nourishing for the skin and can boost the body’s ability to efficiently speed up cell turnover, essential in revealing a smoother skin texture.

Depending on what Toning Essence you choose, can help target specific concerns, like the appearance of large pores (Pure), redness (Blue Tansy), dullness, aging skin (Rose), and hydration.

6. Promote Healthy Skin

Our Toning Essences contain a powerful pre-biotic, called Xylitol, which helps to reveal your healthiest skin by preserving the skin’s natural microbiomes and keeping the skin barrier in-tact. A healthy skin barrier means skin the is hydrated, resists irritation and looks more radiant.

Our special formula make the Toning Essences powerhouses keep the surface of the skin in harmony while combatting redness and dryness – all signs of weakened skin.

7. Enhance Skin’s Glow

Healthy skin equals more luminous skin. Applying a Toning Essence a few times a day will give you that instant gratification of an Instagram filter.

Dewy, natural, skin continues to be a trend, so embrace it!

8. Reduce the Appearance of Large Pores

Each Toning Essence contains Babassu Oil, a tropical oil, native to South America from the Babassu Palm.

Babassu oil is highly cleansing, reduces the look and feel of inflammation, and helps promote healthy skin. This oil is also extremely lightweight and will not clog pores. These benefits combine to keep pores clean and protected against excess oil, dirt and grime that can clog pores, causing breakouts and large, visible pores.

9. Hydrate & Plump the Skin

Another buzz-worthy ingredient we’ve added to our Toning Essences is Hyaluronic Acid.

Every skin type can benefit from hydration, and hyaluronic acid provides a lightweight, oil-free option to provide just that. Hyaluronic acid is also revered for its ability to plump the skin, which helps to smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles, providing a more youthful appearance to skin.

10. Refresh the Skin

Toning Essences can be applied throughout the day, after a sweaty yoga session, before going out to happy hour (whenever that happens again!) or whenever you need an energy boost.

If you loved the smell of our Aromatic Emulsions (hint, it’s one of the things we are known for) do not worry, Pure still has the same Fresh Essential Oil Blend and our Blue Tansy will also have a familiar connection to the old uplifting and calming Balance formula.

Rose Toning Essence is a bit different, featuring a lively Rosewater scent, lending some lovely aromatherapy for those who appreciate more floral scents.

There is really no way to go wrong with the new collection of Toning Essences. If you need recommendations about how to add these essential products into your skin care services, DM us @Source_Vital on Instagram or email us at