Source Vital’s Top Cold-Weather Products

Winter weather means cozy sweaters, warm beverages, and cuddly nights in. But colder temperatures, intense artificial heating, and blustery wind also mean dealing with dry, itchy, and irritated skin on your faces and bodies. A sea of products intended to heal dry skin can be overwhelming to your clients, but we’re here to help. Check out our top products to help beat the winter (skincare) blues.

For Hands & Feet

Increased hand washing, and bundled up hands and feet can mean dry, rough, and even cracked skin on palms and heels. Ditch the harsh soaps for starters, and trade in for a gentle, yet effective cleanser, such as our Cleaner Hands Wash. Follow up with a nourishing, emollient cream such as our Lemongrass Mani Pedi Cream, designed for the roughest of hands and feet. Ingredients like hydrating shea butter, cocoa butter, and organic avocado oil moisturize without leaving the skin feeling greasy. Turmeric powder helps to improve the look and feel of inflammation caused by cooler temperatures. 

For Body

Healthy, hydrated skin starts while showering or bathing. Dry skin requires gently exfoliation in order to remove excess dead skin cells and reveal more glowing skin. Our Lavender Body Scrub has a lotion-like base designed to cleanse and comfort the most sensitive of skin. Perlite and Pumice gently buff the skin, while lavender and blue tansy essential oils help to calm the mind. After cleansing, follow up with a rich lotion or cream to lock in moisture. Our Nourishing Body Cream is a rich, highly emollient cream enriched with seaweed, nourishes, tones, and hydrates the look and feel of skin tissue. For an additional layer of moisture, add a few spritzes of our Aromatic Algae Extract or Algae Extract Unscented to your body cream. 

For Face

The skin on our face typically experiences more exposure to the elements during the colder months, which is why it is even more crucial to help strengthen the skin barrier and create a layer of protection before braving the cold. Start off by using a creamy cleanser, such as our Geranium Cleanser to prep your canvas, followed by one of our infusions. Naturally, the skin becomes irritated due to weather, pollution or skin imbalances, if not geared up with the right daily defense. This resilient Fortifying Infusion will help reinforce and revive the skin leaving it looking and feeling hydrated and radiant. Give your skin some extra TLC with our Maximum Moisture Cream, designed to provide essential moisture for dry and very dry skin types and is excellent for use in extreme environments to provide a physical barrier protecting skin from frigid temperatures, wind burn, and arid climates. Finally, don’t forget the eyes- our Jasmine Fine Line Cream hydrates the delicate orbital area. 
What are some of your favorite skincare tips to get through the cold winter months? Let us know in the comments!
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