Back Scrub is a great treatment enhancement to add on to nearly any spa service. 

The use of aromatherapy and a relaxing back massage will leave your clients feeling completely relaxed and stress free.

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10 products found in Back Scrub Treatment Protocol Collection

Euphoria Natural Elixir
  • From $9.97
Lavender Cleanser
  • From $5.97
Algae Deep Cleanse
  • From $7.47
Dead Sea Salts (Fine Grade)
  • From $10.97
Sea Tonic
  • From $5.97
Analgesic Bath & Body Oil
  • From $14.97
Serene Bath & Body Oil
  • From $14.97
Stress Relief Bath & Body Oil
  • From $14.97
Massage Cream Unscented
  • From $22.00
First Aid Spray
  • From $6.47