The Minkyti® Facial is Source Vitál's signature facial to improve the look and feel of tired, dull, mature and aging skin.

Used in some of the most respected spas in the country, the Minkyti offers immediate results that brighten and revitalize the skin and help your client get some deep relaxation.

This collection includes all of the clean and natural products you need to offer the Minkyti to your clients. Click here to view the complete Minkyti Facial protocol and learn how to add it to your menu of spa services.

18 products found in Minkyti® Facial Treatment Collection

Laminaria Algae Powder
  • From $20.00
Algae Extract Unscented
  • From $15.00
Restorative Infusion
  • From $16.00
Toning Infusion
  • From $16.00
Euphoria Natural Elixir
  • From $11.00
Micellar Cleansing Water
  • From $5.00
Geranium Cleanser
  • From $6.00
Lavender Cleanser
  • From $6.00
Algae Deep Cleanse
  • From $8.00
Rose Toning Essence
  • From $7.00
Serene Bath & Body Oil
  • From $16.00
Stress Relief Bath & Body Oil
  • From $16.00
Silt Scrub
  • From $9.00
Sea Tonic
  • From $6.00
Algae Serum Rose
  • From $16.00
Facial Massage Cream
  • From $20.00
Max Moisture Cream
  • From $14.00
Facial Cellulose Sponges
  • From $0.50