Men enjoy pampering too!

Our Gentleman's Facial featuring Sir Vitál products formulated specifically for men's skin will revitalize, refresh and hydrate the skin and provide a relaxing spa experience for mind and body.

The following collection includes all the products needed to offer a men's facial to your clients. Click here to view our full Gentleman's Facial protocol and learn how to add it to your menu of spa services.

12 products found in Gentleman's Facial Spa Collection

Fresh Essential Oil Blend
  • From $10.00
Stress Relief Bath & Body Oil
  • From $16.00
Pure Toning Essence
  • From $13.00
Lavender Cleanser
  • From $6.00
Silt Scrub
  • From $9.00
  • From $8.00
Restorative Infusion
  • From $16.00
Sea Tonic
  • From $6.00
Matcha Cool Mask
  • From $13.00
Sir Vitál SOOTHE
  • $9.00
Sir Vitál CONDITION Beard Oil
  • $9.00
Facial Cellulose Sponges
  • From $0.50